I Ain't Funkin with You

1:20 PM

Bietch, I ain't funkin with youuu!

The song above has nothing to do with the funky, groovy genre of deep house/nu-disco music, but I thought it was relevant to my life (i.e. was the theme song of this past weekend) and is quoted in a punny way if I say so myself. Anywho, LA has been experiencing real fall/winter weather conditions lately, so all that I've been wanting to listen to are some smooth deep house tracks that help those gloomy, solemn mornings feel more poetic and welcoming. So listen to my current top fave groovy tracks after the jump!

If you've been following me on Instagram (@eunique_kollection), then you know that I went to San Francisco this past weekend, which was a great unexpected trip. I am truly grateful for all my friends who hosted me and showed me a great time. Another shout out to my friends who took to and from the airport, and also took care of my cat while I was gone. You guys are the true & real (trill) MVPs.

Thanks for stopping by! Look out for a new outfit post within the week!

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