I Looooovvveeee Gold

10:41 AM

Do you remember that one scene of Austin Powers: Goldmember when Goldmember enthusiastically says, "I loooooooooooooove gold" with a nasty perverted smirk?

Yup....that's me.
Gold > Silver
All day err'day.

I must have TWO of these! One for each wrist, of course. That hammered detail is a great way of adding an elevated touch of elegance and luxe to any monochromatic outfit without making it look like a cheap piece of fake gold metal. Also, the cut-out detail makes it so that your arm length isn't cut short and elongates your frame. Oh Herve...you know my gold-craving soul too well. Timeless in design and usability, this is a lusty essential.

Gold Pony Jacket // Roberto Cavalli

Three words: Metallic, Pony, Hair. I don't care if this is flashy. Shut up and take my money.

After one of my friends accidentally broke my favorite collar necklace, my accessories stand has been hungry for another formidable successor. This may be it...

In addition to nude pumps, these Loeffler Randall golden kitten heel sandals deserve a spot in my ever-growing shoe collection.

From top to bottom starting with the left side:

We al know the struggle of being #BrokeWithExpensiveTaste, so I've put together a shopping guide above to help you shop both high and low. Trust me when I say that the list can go on and on for miles on end, but for the sake of having you guys get to the music below, I've kept it to my top picks on Lyst. Make sure to peep my fashion lust lyst below and feed your shopping addiction.
Because where's the fun in suffering alone, right?

"I walked into the room dripping in gold"

I've included both versions of this song that I absolutely adore to death. The original is just as good as the Adventure Club remix, so I couldn't put just one.

I hope you enjoyed my fashion lusts and feel me on a level that only fashion people will understand.
Check out more items on my list here

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Do what makes you EUNIQUE!

xoxo, Eunice Kim

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