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11:43 AM

So this is pretty cool...
My friend sent me this article on, dated back in April that featured this outfit.
Too bad I didn't find it until now, but regardless, I'm so glad my friend found this gem and I feel...for a lack of better words...good.
I feel good :)

See the full article here.

Shout out to my awesome photographer Luis (@pactography) for using his awesome photo skills to get this great photo. Did you know that this shoot was actually the first time we ever shot together? After this initial shoot, we knew that this was gonna be a great partnership and we work great together. Plus he deals with me meowing at shoots and meows back at times.
Yeah. It happens. And you should be jealous that you'll never get to witness it because...
it's pretty damn weird. But meow gusta.

Do what makes you EUNIQUE!

xoxo, Eunice Kim

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