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 Staying true to this blog's name, I love piecing together eclectic elements that make it eunique to my own sense of style. A little edge (and height) from these Y.R.U platform booties (via Zooshoo), a splash of glittery glam from this Guess bomber, a casual tone-down from these acid wash shorts (via 2020ave), and a dash of BAM!* of artfully layered necklaces create a kollection of different textures that makes it seem purposefully impromptu and effortless; my take on casual Fridays. Oh, and these glasses. Yes, they're my actual prescription glasses and it's the first time it's been featured on the blog. Be prepared to see them more often, especially on Instagram (@eunique_kollection).

 *"Bam!" quoted from Emeril Lagasse

Shout out to Kimly Mean for this impromptu shoot that resulted in minimal work and maximum thirsty Thursday TU. It's crazy how you can meet people through the internet (specifically Instagram). Some of my closest friends are people I've met through Tumblr (of course, given that we already had mutual friends to begin with and have been following each other for a long while). Having grown up alongside the exponential growth of the technologically advanced era, I find myself going offline and enjoying my time in reality and actually savoring the moment rather than putting it to waste glued to my phone, which is why my Instagram aren't real-time updates.

Wait! There's more!
The huge plot twist?: The people on Tumblr (or the internet in general) reminisce about their childhood spent outside while contradictorily staying indoors making memes about it and condemning the very thing they're utilizing at that very moment...

My response:

Bahahah. I love memes. But anywho, I digress. I hope you enjoyed this post and as an ending note:
Have a great weekend!

(Scroll to the bottom for your weekend playlist)

Do what makes you EUNIQUE!

xoxo, Eunice Kim 

Top: Boat neck lace insert top // old (similar here)
Bottom: Acid wash high-waisted shorts // 2020ave (similar here)
Jacket: Glitter Bomber Jacket // Guess
Glasses: Zev in Tortoise/Gold // Moscot
Shoes: Nightmare bootie // YRU via Zooshoo

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