#TuesdayTunes: Mood Uppers

1:36 PM

Hello yellow fellow,
why so mellow?
Is it because you miss the sound of a cello?
Sit here, listen, and go eat your jello.

(A super long music post awaits your ears after the jump!)

We all need some mood uppers in our lives. And no, I'm not talking about controlled substances. Good music are my mood uppers. That and good comfort food. Now do you see what the nonsensical poem above was about?



Enjoy anyway and go eat your jello, you mellow fellow.

CL, G-Drago, Skrillex, AND Diplo?! Gaddamnn...that drop is so dirty, so sexy, so wow. 
Hold up...I'm having a proud Korean moment right now.

If you guys don't know about Oliver Heldens...you're missing out on the best deep house on the scene right meow meow.

For an update on my life, I've been busy compiling my company's lookbook, and there was no better way to get lost in inDesign than being entranced by zoomed-in screens and music. I finally submitted the finals to the print shop just yesterday and am playing the waiting game to see how they turn out! UnFortunately, I'm now even more swamped! Let's just say that there are going to be far more interesting events coming soon! Stay tuned!

Oh and did I mention I'm going to be in Vegas for 7 days straight?!

Say whhaaatttt????

Magic Tradeshow August 18-20.
Come visit me & check out the lookbook I made from beginning to absolute end.
The fruits of my labor...
like this huge music post. 

Because within the midst of busy schedules, cluttered minds filled with trapped great ideas, and caffeine crashes, these songs are my mood uppers everyone and their moms (only if they know what's up *does awkward gangster head nod*) can enjoy.
Now if only I can get my lazyass to the gym everyday to REALLY get my mood/endorphins going...
And the struggle continues....

Till next time!

Do what makes you EUNIQUE!

xoxo, Eunice Kim

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