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Alas, the weekend has come and tomorrow embarks the start of my 8-day journey. In preparing for my 8-day journey, I started being my usual fashion-hungry self and browsed online for things I "need" want. It's kind of scary, crazy, sad, and stupid how I can't seem to differentiate the difference between what I need and want when I see an item I fall in lust with. Regardless, what I need/want always tends to burn a large hole in my wallet like the sinkholes that plague our freshwater sources. "Did you really just compare your spending habits to global warming disasters?" 
Why not? Wouldn't you if you knew this was an actual problem?

"An actual problem like your spending habits?"

Okay, enough verbose verbiage to distract and hopefully entertain you. To sum up what this post is about, I quote my friend Sam who said this to our friend, Joe:

"Joe, you have the taste of fine wine but the budget of budlight."

I couldn't have better put it myself, Sam. 
Joe, I feel you, bro :(

 I'm sure you feel us on that too. Check out the bottom scroll for my latest up-to-date fashion lusts!

 BACK THE FUCK UP. These heels are amazing and I'm craving it SOOOO MUCH! Too bad they only start at a size 6 because I would have gotten it in a heartbeat. You guys don't know the struggles of having size 4.5 ninja feet... :(

Wishing I had these dresses for my 8-day journey. (Hint: it's going to be a blog series about.... )

(Clockwise from top left corner):  Vesta Cuff Ring Gold , Gold Isla Ring Midi Set , Gold Tira Cuff Ring , Artimes Cuff Ring Gold // Gorjana

Small, dainty rings from Gorjana are always lust-worthy.

Stuart Weitzman heels have always been one of my top lust-worthy brands. These nudist heels is everything I can ask for when it comes to strappy sandals. But for about $400 a pair, I'll have to save many rainy day funds before I pull the trigger on this know that you would wear it to death leading it to be worth way more than what you actually pay for.

...Shut up brain. Stop with your justifications. #aintnobodygotmoneyforthat*
*(money = time) 


If you follow me on Instagram (@eunique_kollection), you already know how obsessed I am with my cat. If you know me in person, you probably tag me or send me cat-related things that you find amusing on the interweb. I am proud to say that I'm a #crazycatlady. No shame. And with regards to this phone case, that fine line between need and want never existed. 

Need. Want. Lust.



For more of my lust-worthy kollection, check out my lyst on



Tomorrow will mark Day 1 of my "8 Days in Sin City" series where I'll be documenting my 8-day stay in Las Vegas. I'm going to work at the WWDMagic trade show in the Las Vegas Convention Center (Booth #YC75323), so please stop by and come say hi if you're there. Although Magic is a 3-day event, I'm staying for the rest of the week and weekend for a friend's thing. Which means, I have about 2 days of me time and work time. So stay tuned and stay up-to-date through Instagram

See you all in Paradise! ;)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

Do what makes you EUNIQUE!

xoxo, Eunice Kim

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