Summer Uniform

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I guess it's fair to say....
I like living life on the edge.

These days, my summer uniform consists loose, oversized tanks, high-waisted shorts or skirts, shoes that make me as agile as a true cat ninja warrior, and a haphazard find from Walmart (yeah, you read that right. I'm wearing something from Walmart! Please..don't all gasp at once.)

This lace cami top is a godsend for those days when bras feel like more of a constricting chore than a daily essential. After shopping for kitty litter sand and picking up a few household goods (Side note: You guys HAVE to listen to "Household Goods" by T-E-E-D), I passed by the intimates section and saw a neon yellow sports bra that caught my eye. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size, so I moved on and this lace one intrigued me. After seeing how cheap it was, I thought to myself, "Eff it, YOLO. I need cuter work-out clothes anyway." Oh, how wrong I was. This top never made it to the gym, and instead made its way into my coveted closet staples section and voila! Here I am wearing it (more often than I'd like to admit), admiring this beautiful city that glistens with inexplicable glory, that only seems to intensify with every minute of golden hour.

I went out on a limb and layered two completely different necklaces together, which made more of a statement than wearing them separately. It gave a DylanLex/Vanessa Mooney-esque vibe to it without the hefty price tag. #winning

I, for one, LOVE rooftops. Especially ones with the downtown skyline view.
Although it required a dash of sly deception, a handful of premeditated moves, and a whole lot of courage to get there, this feeling...this fleeting feeling of almost falling could not be beat.

As I overlooked at the buildings towering over, and looked below at the building that seemed to extend my own physical being downward for what seemed like miles, I clung onto the butterflies that flew knots in my stomach.
And for that fleeting moment, I wasn't in LA;
I wasn't at some rooftop nor was I anywhere for that matter,
but rather simply,
I was just here..
...and alive.

Thanks for stopping by!

Do what makes you EUNIQUE!

xoxo, Eunice Kim 

Top: Heather Grey Tank top // Foreign Exchange (similar here, here, and here)
Bottom: Acid Wash High-Waisted Shorts // 2020AVE (similar here)
Cropped top: Lace Cami Bralette // Walmart (yeah you heard that right...I got it there)
Jacket: Chambray Button-up // Target (similar here and this one on sale)
Necklace: Boho Coin Necklace & Long Silver Thin-Chain Necklace // Forever 21, and
Tildon 'Victorian Armor' Statement Necklace // Nordstroms
Watch: Women's Chronograph // Timex
Cuff: Metallic Beaded Cuff // Forever 21 (similar here and here)
Shoes: Alexis T-Strap Studded Mid Heel Pump // Renvy via
Phone case: Vintage Leica Camera iPhone 5 case // eBay

Stay mischievous, kids >:]

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