A Nude Summer #MusicMonday

3:59 PM

Over the weekend, I went to a start-up event called "Nude Summer", which essentially is setting out to be an annual pool party in the summer. No, you don't come in the nude, but the name itself caught your attention, no? I had a blast with friends, but ended up taking minimal pictures because I was too busy living in the moment, attempting to escape the scorching heat, and avoiding getting pushed into the pool with my phone in hand. This was especially true because I had my awesome iZZi Slim phone case on. Ever since I received it 2 weeks ago, I haven't stopped toying with the fisheye lens! No lie...the fisheye effect makes everything look soooo much cooler (case in point: the photo above.)

But maybe I'll save the pool pics for my upcoming trip next month...  
*coming soon to IG @eunique_kollection*
 For now, enjoy the not-yet-on-Instagram, unseen glimpses into this past weekend and vibe with me to this week's #MusicMonday post below!

Selfie time with @j_verie
Wearing this bikini top and this bikini bottom from Lookbook Store.

P.S. I SWEAR I'll post an outfit post later this week! Sorry for lagging it, but thanks anyway for stopping by for the music!
Have a great week!

Do what makes you EUNIQUE!

xoxo, Eunice Kim

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