"The FOMO is too real this weekend..."

11:36 AM

F.O.M.O  / foh-moh / : The feeling of missing out

As you may or may not know, this weekend is EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) weekend in Las Vegas and it feels as if everyone and their moms (somewhat literally) are raging their faces off till the early am at the popular music festival. I went last year, and didn't feel the need to go this year, but knowing that one of my all-time favorite DJs is gonna be there has created this disturbing sense of regret better encapsulated by the acronym: FOMO.

Sorry for the crappy camera quality; at EDC LV 2013 with my friend (left) and me (right) having a blast under the electric sky.

I know I haven't posted an outfit post this week and for that, I'd like to apologize for that. It's hard to color correct and edit these photos with a full-time job and commitment to exercising. The phrase, "There are not enough hours in a day" becomes all too relevant.

So instead, whenever I can't post outfit posts, I'll be posting a lot more music-related things, like this awesome trap mix by DJ Valid from Club Killers Radio. 
Let me tell you, I was working out HARDCORE to this mix last night and I'm sure that this mix will get you into the proper TGIF mode. 

So whether you're driving the long road to meet under the electric sky, or simply kicking it with friends in your hometown, I hope you enjoy my Friday Favorite of the Week mix.

 Thanks for stopping by!

Do what makes you EUNIQUE!

xoxo, Eunice Kim

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