Style Inspiration: Esther Quek

9:30 AM

Shut the front door..
I've got news, guys...

I've got a seriously severe style crush and 
Goodness gracious...
This needs to stop....

3 words: Mad. Swag. Envy.

2 words: 

Esther. Quek.

Like guys... GUYS... This girl's got the swaggiest swag when it comes to an established woman rockin' menswear. This girl woman is my #WCW despite that it's Friday. Two days late on that hashtag, but better late than never. I remember spotting her while browsing through fashion week street style photos and this particular look captivated me and left me jaw-dropped filled with awe, major style envy, and eyes glistening with tears of admiration and uber jealousy. I don't get jealous often, but this girl set my inner green monster loose on a rampage, leaving me to scavenge finds to pull together a look very similar to this, and ultimately resulting in me wallowing in sorrow over how expensive these looks would cost me (#BrokeWithExpensiveTaste). 


A little background info on this style icon:
  • Singaporean street style icon
  • Group Fashion Director & Editor of menswear magazine The Rake
  • A regular front-row-seater at mens fashion week shows

She knows what her particular look is, and she owns it like no other. What's so enviable about her isn't the name brands she's wearing or how much her outfit would cost an arm and leg to afford;
but rather, her palpable confidence, her seamless androgynous mixture of masculine menswear with feminine accents, and her seemingly-effortless styling abilities are what I'm mad crushing on right now. If I can choose anyone's closet to raid and pilfer, it would be Esther Quek's holy grail closet.


Imagine the endless possibilities I can conjure up with an arsenal that is her closet!
I probably would never leave...

 Thanks for stopping by!

Do what makes you EUNIQUE!

xoxo, Eunice Kim

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