Artist Feature: Os Gêmeos

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As a lover of all things fashion and creative-related, I titled this blog "Eunique Kollection" for a reason and I intend on holding it up to a set standard of being e-unique. When I started this blog, I wanted to curate an eclectic variety of creative sources that are inspirational and beautiful. So for this blog's first ever Artist Feature, I chose an artist that I have admired for years since discovering their installation at MOCA's Art in the Streets exhibit in 2011: Os Gêmeos.

Distinctive, bold, detailed, illustrative, and eye-catching are just a handful of words I can use to describe their work. Os Gêmeos is a Brazilian twin duo named Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. Their trademark style features yellow-skinned characters and intricate, vibrant prints that demonstrate subtle texture, depth, and moods. The amount of detail that go into these pieces shows a level of fashion consciousness that clashes in a successful way, which makes their artwork all that more whimsical and distinctive. Don't know what I'm talking about? Scroll through to see my top picks from this artistic duo. 
 Those pants with that top? ... Why not? (Taken from Os Gemeos' Facebook)

 Taken from Instagram (@osgemeos)

"The Giant of Boston", Rose Kennedy Greenway at Dewey Square, Boston

 Os Gemeos at Museum of Contemporary Art, Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Os Gemeos at Museum of Contemporary Art, Downtown Los Angeles, CA (Photos taken by me)

 A wall piece dedicated to Nelson Mandela's passing (taken from instagram @osgemeos)

 Os Gemeos + Blue, Lisbon
 Look at the detail on those hands! I love this collaboration with Blu, who is another favorite street artist.

 Don't Believe the Hype, San Diego

 Gigante, Sao Paolo

 Before and after. San Francisco, CA (Taken from Os Gemeos' Facebook)

 Hope you guys enjoyed these as much as I did. Whether you believe street art is a true art form or not, I hope you see something in this post that inspires you in some way. If you would like me to feature other artists or have any great suggestions, please leave them in the comments!

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