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 Pretty succulents and dainty rings

#ChloetheKitty taking interest in killer shoes...just like her mommy ;)

If it fits, I sits.

Work #OOTD

Even though it's been a pain (literally) breaking them in, I'm loving my new Nine West d'orsay pumps! I love the scalloped detailing on them. Too bad they're still a tad big on me :( #smallfeetproblems

Much cattitude.

With my photographer/beau by the gigantic Christmas tree at the Grove.

A little Dom to get Vegas started off right.

I love how my black & white polka dot scarf really brings out Chloe's colors and stripes...plus she looks way too cute with that bow on her!

Catching sunsets on rooftops with the downtown cityscape.

One of my outfits from my most recent Vegas trip.

#SundayFunday lunch date #OOTD

Because one can't have enough pictures of a cat in a cute scarf.

Pop of mint #ootd

Having fun with my new Polaroid camera that Calvin gave me & wasting one too many shots on #ChloetheKitty

Oh deer! It looks like Calvin got his sweater jacked! #sorrynotsorry

The hardest step in working out is getting my foot out the door and getting my ass to the gym, but once I get going, I frickin GO!! It feels soooo good to work out again. Here's to being healthy, happy, & confident....now if only I can keep it up on the daily! #thestruggleisreal

#TBT when I stayed in Italy for a beautiful month. I'll be back Florence....someday...

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