Dressing Up A Slip Dress

9:33 AM

Even though the weather's getting colder, I still want my dresses!

I saw this slip dress from Zara and I was in love! I personally don't own a single slip dress, but I'm looking to buy one pretty soon. Since the slip dress has no defined waistline (something I look for in clothes because it's extremely figure flattering), I added a peplum belt from ASOS to cinch the waist and add an extra flair (no pun intended) to elevate the casual slip dress into...well...an actual going-out dress. I love belts with gold hardware, so picking that one was a no-brainer.

I love the combination of blue and gold, so I added a pop of color with the blue trench coat from Escada. For a textural difference--complementing the silky viscose from the slip and faux leather from the belt--I added these Valentino leopard rockstud heels that I've been head-over-heels lusting after. I kept the accessories fairly simple by matching it with different aspects of the outfit. 

A signature black YSL bag with gold hardware to match the dress and belt; cheetah print cuff with an oversized link bracelet to match the heels; a bracelet and ring chain for added edge on the other wrist; blue braided earrings to match the coat; and a three tiered necklace for simplicity. With a lot of play on textures and colors, I wanted to keep makeup simple with nude lipstick.

Part of my shpeel here on Eunique Kollection is not only to share with you guys my eunique style, but also to show you my kollection of eunique inspirations and 
to demonstrate the way I see things even if you may or may not agree with them.

Even if this isn't your style or if you wouldn't be caught mixing textures like this, I hope that you can draw inspiration from my posts to try something new and eunique! By all means I'm not saying that you need to copy this outfit to the T, but try venturing into uncharted territories that has yet to be discovered in your fashion journeys.

Till next time, thanks for stopping by!

Do what makes you EUNIQUE!

xoxo, Eunice Kim 


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