Current Fashion Lust: Over-the-Knee Boots

5:47 PM

 Lately, I've been looking obsessing over thigh-high/over-the-knee boots...and I can't seem to stop!!

 To be honest, it's been going on since the end of summer...and believe it or not, this obsession is nothing new. This borderline-unhealthy obsession began when I was in high school as I was searching for back-to-school discount shoes at Marshalls. I found this one sick pair of over-the-knee boots that was too good to pass up...but ended up passing on anyway because my more-conservatively-styled sister told me to. Almost a decade later up to this day, I painfully regret passing up on those boots. Not to mention that they were under $50! Oh the horror!!

Fast forward back to present day and I am still stuck fashion-lusting over high-rising, thigh-hugging, absolutely necessarily unnecessary boots. They're so perfect though! Perfect for the fall, early spring, and even chilly summer nights! So why am I just obsessing rather than rocking said boots? Simple: #brokewithexpensivetaste. Yeah, that's a real hashtag that I've used several times before. (The struggle is real!)

So here is my round up of my favorite fashion lust-worthy over-the-knee boots. So until you and I can afford the better of these beauties, join me in my obsession!

'Dae' Over the Knee Boot // Alice + Olivia

Monicarina Over-The-Knee Leather Platform Boot // Christian Louboutin

'Essie' Over the Knee Stretch Boot // Jeffrey Campbell

Pascalare Over-the-Knee Stretch Suede Boot // Manola Blahnik

Suede Over the Knee Boot // Nicholas Kirkwood

Highland Stretchy Suede Over-the-Knee Boot, Black // Stuart Weitzman

Highland Stretchy Suede Over-the-Knee Boot, Taupe Beige // Stuart Weitzman

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