A Walk in the Water Park

10:42 AM

Photos by Calvin Lim
I don't own many cropped tops, but when I do, I make sure that it's chic, wearable, and season appropriate...ish...

Fall in LA seems to be nonexistent. Cali's still experiencing warm weathers (which I absolutely love!) And the 90's called saying they want their cropped tops and high-waisted shorts trend back. Well, nay I say! How's a Cali girl supposed to deal with unusual high temperatures in the middle of Fall?

I paired my off-shoulder cropped top with high-waisted denim shorts for a nice walk in the water park. I almost went full Canadian tuxedo with this outfit by wearing my denim chambray button-up on top, but opted out on it and went for my denim cap instead. Good call, because this cap is the shiz! Although this cropped top is dainty by itself, paired with these shorts and this hat made me feel like a badass in an odd way. Maybe it was my "Pew Pew" necklace--that I DIY-ed with a Stat Key--that made me feel like a rebel, or perhaps the 90's fashion time lapse I seem to have fell through may be the bigger contributor to this feeling. Despite these thoughts, I had to tone my denim on denim look and balance it with more girly-er aspects like my mini pink shoulder bag and a pair of strappy nude heels.

Photos by Calvin Lim

Parting words: Get inspired from various things. The past is remembered and recollected in order for man to learn and adapt from. Every one is inspired by different catalysts that makes them Eunique. All you have to do, is go out there and go with the flow of things like the current of the ocean, and soak in everything you can observe like a thirsty sponge. Whether it'd be dancing in front of whales or trying a completely new outfit, I hope you all remember to do what makes you Eunique!

 Thanks for stopping by!

Do what makes you EUNIQUE!

xoxo, Eunice Kim 



Bottom: High-waisted denim shorts // from the Pasadena Flea Market
Hat: Chambray denim cap // Target (similar here)
Shoes: Ankle strap heels in Nude // GoJane.com
Belt: Vintage DKNY belt
Bag: Pale pink mini shoulder bag // Forever 21 (similar here, here, and here)
Bracelets: Embellished wraparound bracelet // GoJane.com, & mixed black and silver bangles
Necklace: DIY Gun Stat Key Necklace // Stat Key,  Layered crescent necklace // GoJane.com (similar here)
Rings: Black & silver statement ring // Forever 21 (similar here), Cut-out ring duo // GoJane.com

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