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Prints prints prints!! It seems that everywhere during Fashion Week Month, prints are seen everywhere and on every one! My closet currently consists of mostly blacks, whites, greys, and navys, but as of late, I've been drawn toward prints and have been gravitating toward colorful pieces. Although I have yet to successfully mix prints (due to the lack of available options in my closet right now), I have been fashion lusting over printed items like these:

Willa Placket Top with Leather Combo // Alice + Olivia

Shany Abstract Floral Lace Jumpsuit // Diane von Furstenberg

Arie Tied Collar Blouse & (skirt unknown) // Alice + Olivia

Oskana Wide Widewaistband Box Pleat Skirt // Alice + Olivia

Loose-fit Pants in Burgundy // H&M
Slim-fit Pants in Black/White striped // H&M
Electric Beach Electric Coco Pouch // Samudra
Small Ryder Satchel // 3.1 Phillip Lim
Surface to Air // Flatbush Creepers
Laurent Cross Over Platforms // Topshop

Kaleidoscope-esque leather trimmed button-up shirt reminiscent of Cubism painter Chidi Okoye's works caught my color-hungry eyes as I was gazing upon (or more like drooling over) Alice and Olivia's website. And my god...I love everything about Stacey Bendet's line. That first image shows an excellent piece of clothing I can pair with so many different elements in my wardrobe! I guess that's one reason why I've strayed away from buying a lot of prints, mainly because (1) prints go out of style a lot quicker than solid colors, (2) it's sometimes hard to pair with anything else, and (3) more fashion risk of becoming just...too much. But it's time to broaden my horizon now as my sense of style is maturing and, in actuality, getting a lot more adventurous.

Continuing on with my fashion lusts from Alice and Olivia, That third word: LOVE!! As stated before, I'm not huge on mixing prints and have yet to successfully pull together a mixed-print outfit, so that outfit spins my fashion lust out of control and into high gear. The prints, although very different from one other, complement each other perfect due to its similar color schemes. And all I have left to say is, "STAHP IT, ALICE + OLIVIA! JUST TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!"

Okay, enough ranting...I've save you the pain and stop it there. These are my current fashion lusts that I would one day add to my Eunique Kollection.

What are your current fashion lusts? Anything you've been eyeing for a while? Leave it in the comments below!
And thanks for stopping by! <3

Do what makes you EUNIQUE!

xoxo, Eunice K.

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