10 June 2016


Photos by Kimly Mean (@kimlymean

Hole-punched top and a polka dot scarf that match like a rhyme,
black-on-black, a fail-proof attire,
something I wear all the time,
Wide leg pants to make them legs look longer and higher,
a tailored fit that was much required.
But there's a hole in your theory,
or maybe it's the (w)hole theme that makes it necessary
to see the thing as a whole
despite all the holes
but isn't that contradictory? 
Or am I just rambling on unnecessarily? 
- E.K.

17 May 2016

Red-y or Not, Here I Come

 Photos by Luis Trujillo (@pactography)

It's been a long while since I last posted on here. A bit too long...
But when life gets in the way in the most beautiful and most distracting ways, you can't help but to put things on hold as you relish these rare moments in life...

23 March 2016

Right Before The Bass Drops

I've been on that gym craze lately and always rely my Soundcloud playlist to get me through a workout. So here is the moment right before the bass drops...

Listen to this monster raging mix that'll get you doin squats for thots

🙌 🍑

Check out my gym work out playlists here:

_______ F O R  R U N N I N G _______

_______ F O R  P U M P I N G  I R O N _______

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